10 quick ways to definitely make profits in your farming business


10 quick ways to definitely make profits in your farming business


Making profit in any business that we invest time, money and energy in is very important. The first rule for any business success is to make profits. There are unique ways to definitely make profits in your farming business.



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1. MIND YOUR COSTING. The way you do your costing will definitely impact the bottom line. In as much as I will not advice you to use substandard inputs, you should however make sure you always route for good bargains in all your purchases.


2. MIND YOUR MINDSET. In life and business, mindset matters. When you have profit mindset, you are more likely to keep making profit on consistent basis than farmers without profit mindset.

3. MIND YOUR MANAGEMENT PRACTICES. Many times how you manage your farm will determine your ability to make profits on consistent basis. A bad manager cannot make much of any business including farming.

4. MIND YOUR INPUTS QUALITY. Some individuals in business are usually penny wise and pound foolish. Whenever you go for substandard inputs in your farming business, know that you are inviting losses ultimately.

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5. MIND YOUR LEADERSHIP SYTLE. If you don’t lead your workers well, they can consciously or unconsciously sabotage your efforts. Good leaders are great magnets for profits.

6. MIND YOUR ASSOCIATION. The people you associate with can make or break your farming business. If you associate with farmers that are constantly making profits, you will learn one or two things from them to keep making profits.

7. MIND YOUR UTTERANCES. Someone said that the mouth is a money making tool. The way you talk can affect your business negatively or positively. If you keep saying things are difficult, things will continue to be difficult for you.

8. MIND YOUR USAGE OF RESOURCES. A wasteful farming environment can never make profit. For example any farmer who does not frown at the wastage of feeds in the farm is courting losses ultimately.

9. MIND YOUR FOCUS. Focus is everything in life and business. Where you put your focus is where your energy will go. Focus on making profits and you will find ways to achieve your desire.

10. MIND YOUR LIFESTYLE. It is true that health is wealth. You should do everything possible to stay in good health. An unhealthy farmer cannot effectively utilize his mental system to achieve his profit objective.


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