7 Facts You Don’t Know About Rats that You Should Know Now and take Action


7 Facts You Don’t Know About Rats that You Should Know Now and take Action

1. Rats and mice have long been a problem on farms where food and nesting sites are plentiful.

2. They are carriers of some 45 diseases and are capable of contaminating farm feed and water supplies helping to spread disease from contaminated to uncontaminated areas and from animal to animal.


3. Many of these diseases are harmful to livestock and humans.

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4. You should not be embarrassed to admit you have a rodent problem.

5. The probability is high that mice or rats currently exist on your farms and homes and factories

6. The embarrassment and costs occur if something is not done to confront the problem

7. The general rule of thumb is that there are approximately 25 mice or rats for every one that is seen. And you know what? If you see a rat during the day on your farm, there will be at least 200 rats in your farm during the night period moving around and causing havoc!

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