Bitter Leaf Juice can Prevents Fish Death in Ponds – Expert


Bitter Leaf Juice can Prevents Fish Death in Ponds – Expert


A fish farming expert, Okon Amah, has urged local fish farmers to apply basic preventive measures, including using bitter leaf juice, to stop fish mortality in their ponds.


Amah made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos on Wednesday.

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“The basic step is that you need to change your water regularly and feed the fish regularly to prevent mortality because fish are cannibalistic in nature.


“Fish mortality can also be prevented by the addition of salt to the pond water as salinity in water helps prevent the death of fish.

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“It can get messy when bacteria overruns your fish pond. Salt fights bacteria in fish water and without it, bacteria will spread and this will lead to the death of the fish in their numbers.

“To avoid bacteria from overrunning your ponds, at least change your water every two weeks and add salt in it.

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“However, we have to be careful on the amount of salt we put in the fish pond. Most times we recommend one kilogram of salt to 1000 litres of water,” Amah told NAN.

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