Check out the most popular Agricultural Scholarships for African students


Check out the most popular Agricultural Scholarships for African students

Agriculture has been at the centre of human civilization and still remains at the heart of many of the most pressing issues for modern societies. The development of agriculture enabled the human population to grow many times larger than could be sustained by hunting and gathering. Industrial agriculture based on large scale monoculture in the twentieth century came to dominate agricultural output, though about two billion people still depended on subsistence agriculture into the twenty-first century.

In Africa, agriculture accounts for two-thirds of livelihoods and food for two-thirds of the household budgets of poor people. It makes up a very important part of the lives of African people. Agriculture as a discipline and as a sector is critical to the development of most third world African countries. This is a continent still suffering from the grappling effect of food shortages. To ensure a continent that is self-reliant in producing her food needs, Agriculture would have to be taken seriously it’s her various governments, institutions and individuals alike.


This interest has spawned the growing interest of International Organizations, Governments, and foreign donors in sponsoring students in Agricultural-based disciplines. Students interested in pursuing careers in agriculture will find a wide range of scholarship opportunities designed to help them complete their college education. Scholarships for students majoring in agricultural studies are as diverse as the field itself and cover everything from farming and ranching to agronomy, crop and soil sciences, food sciences, horticulture and plant pathology.

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Most Popular Agricultural Scholarships for African Students


Intra- Africa GENES Masters and PhD

Scholarships for Africans. This is funded by the intra-Africa program of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission
Kipaji Masters Scholarships; University of Twente. The Kipaji scholarship fund is funded especially for talented students from countries with upcoming economics like in parts of South America, Africa and Asia.

Cattolica Africa Scholarships. Tuition-free reduction scholarships are available to students from Africa who are studying a master’s program in one of several subjects, including agriculture and food economics at Universita’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Italy
University of East Anglia Lord Walston Scholarship. The University of East Anglia offers the Lord Walston Scholarship to one student from Africa working in natural resource-based projects who will be enrolling at selected Masters Programmes offered at the University.

Top Universities Offering Agricultural Scholarships to African Students and developing countries

University of Birmingham, Dubai
AIU International University, USA
Lancaster University, Ghana
University of Exeter, United Kingdom
Swedish University of Agricultural Science, Sweden

The University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science Department of Food and Resource Economics, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Royal Agricultural University, United Kingdom
University of East Anglia, United Kingdom
Purdue University College of Agriculture, United State

Dalhousie University, Faculty of Agriculture, Canada

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Bangor University, School of the Environment and Natural Resources, Bangor (UK)

The Dresden University of Technology, Institute of International Forestry and Forest Products, Tharandt (Germany)

The University of Padosa, TESAF Department School of Agriculture, Padova, Italy

Scholarships in Agriculture for developing countries

The University of Exeter Commonwealth shared scholarships
John W & C McLean Trust scholarships at Lincoln University, New Zealand.
Scholarship in Agricultural Science at the University of Queensland in Australia
CTA Internship for Information and Communication Technologies for Agriculture in Netherland
Marshal Papworth Scholarships for developing countries’ students in the UK
Edwin Munro Scholarship in Agriculture Science at Queensland, Australia
CHS Foundation High School Scholarship, agriculture scholarships in U.S.A and Canada
2019 Chinese Government Agriculture Scholarships, Xiamen University Postgraduate Programme
Targeting Excellence Inc Agriculture Scholarships
MSC Scholarships in Agricultural science for developing countries at the International School of Agricultural Science, the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment- The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Isreal
Benefits of Agricultural Scholarships

Agricultural Scholarships help to lessen the impact of the rising cost of tuition. The majority of persons who couldn’t further and pursue their dreams in the field of agriculture are largely due to the high cost of acquiring knowledge but with these partial or fully funded scholarships, there is hope for everyone in this category.
Agricultural Scholarships decrease the number and amount of loans students need to complete higher education. A lot of students graduate with a lot of loans incurred in the course of their schooling. These students spend quite a good number of years after school to work and pay off their debt.
Agricultural Scholarships enables students to have more time to focus on their studies. With the help of scholarships, students will reduce the number of hours used in working to sponsor themselves in school rather these hours are dedicated to their studies.
Scholarships encourage students to pursue their dreams
Scholarships teach philanthropy. By being the student recipient of a scholarship, it is hoped that the students will become philanthropic themselves and “give back” when they are financially able.
Application opens for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD scholarship in agriculture for developing countries every year.

These include agricultural scholarships for African students, scholarships for female agriculture students, masters in agribusiness scholarships, agriculture short courses scholarships, etc.


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