6 Types of farmers that will STILL be big losers in 2022


6 Types of farmers that will STILL be big losers in 2022

6 Types of farmers that will STILL be big losers in 2022

No matter how the situation may be, we are naturally built to survive except we consciously or unconsciously give in to the pressures of life and business. Year 2022 may be posing as if it will be tough but it is a fact that tough times never last but tough people do!



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Some farmers are going to win big time in 2022 while some are going to be big losers.


See below the six types of farmers that will STILL be big losers in 2022 and even beyond.

1. The Ignorant Farmers. Ignorance is never an excuse in life and business. There is always a need to fully take responsibility in anything we do in life and business. Farmers that refuse to upgrade on consistent basis will always turn out as victims of circumstances and big losers in 2022 and even beyond.

2. The Unethical Farmers. There is no way you can do any business alone including farming business. The farmers who are used to doing things haphazardly without any regards for business ethics will lose big time in 2022 and even beyond. People are being more careful who they do business with nowadays. If you are fond of owning suppliers and workers, they will pack you aside this year and go to serious farmers.

3. The Non-scientific minded farmers. Every type of farming is science. The road to better productivity in farming business begins with a scientific approach in doing things. One time prime minister of Israel stated that success in farming is 95 percent science and 5 percent work. Farmers who refuse to be scientifically minded will continue to lose big time.

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4. The Harsh Farmers. The harsh farmers are the ones dealing roughly with their workers. Let’s get this straight: If you are bad to your workers, they will be bad to your farming business either consciously or unconsciously. If you have been too harsh to your farm workers, you will most likely lose big time in 2022 and even beyond.

5. The Extravagant Farmers. The stories of very successful farmers are full of prudential attitudes and frugality. Extravagant farmers are always losers in the farming business and they will continue to be big losers unless they change!

6. The “too know” Farmers. Let’s face it, some farmers are victims of their ego and pride. Farmers who are too proud always suffer in the hands of quacks because experts always avoid them. We are all learners in life and anytime someone is proving to be a “too know” farmer, competent experts always avoid them. They will continue to be big losers except they change!


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