Problems Caused by Poor Feed in Poultry Birds


Problems Caused by Poor Feed in Poultry Birds


A deficiency means that the bird does not get enough of a particular nutrient. All animals can suffer from deficiency problems but in birds a deficiency quickly shows signs of:


poor health

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leg problems


poor feathering

egg production drops

eggs have thin shells

birds easily take infections

Protein deficiency

If the feed contains too little protein (animal or plant) the birds will become weak and may develop infections. They do not grow well and meat production is badly affected. Egg laying decreases or stops.

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Mineral deficiencies

Lack of calcium in the feed can cause:

The bones of the leg to curve making the bird unable to walk properly

Soft shelled eggs or eggs without shells are laid

If birds lay eggs that have either no shell or a soft shell these eggs will be broken and can be eaten by other birds. If this happens the chicken can develop a habit of eating eggs which then becomes a problem.

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To prevent these problems birds must be given plenty of minerals as powdered shell or bone. If birds are allowed to scratch for grain they will take in minerals they need from the soil.

Problems caused by a lack of vitamins

If vitamins are not present in the feed then:

Birds will not grow well, they will be weak, they cannot move properly and the feathers are ruffled.

Chest problems can occur and birds have nose and eye discharges.

The toes curl inwards and birds have difficulty in moving.

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These problems can be prevented by adding commercially bought vitamins to the feed or providing the birds with green vegetables in addition to the feed. Vitamin deficiencies can cause birds to start feather picking which becomes a problem.

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