Canada includes 400,000 More Job Vacancies for  Immigrants to Apply:  Check Them 



Canada includes 400,000 More Job Vacancies for  Immigrants to Apply:  Check Them 



The provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan in Canada recently announced a total of about 400,000 new vacant job positions which brings it to about 994,800 vacant positions within Canada.

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For applicants all over the world especially Nigerians, these vacancies come as good news. Canada seems to be one of the top destinations of choice for Nigerians.


The job vacancy rate (total number of vacant positions as a proportion of labour demand) increased to 5.7%, indicating the need to fill positions amid employee shortages.


The sectors with the most vacant positions are health and social assistance, accommodation and food services, retail trade, professional, scientific, and technical services, and manufacturing. These sectors are highlighted below.

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Health care and Social Assistance: Health care and social assistance had about 159,500 vacant positions in September, up from a record-high number of vacancies in August.


The sector has witnessed an increase of 25% in job vacancies year-on-year due to the high demand for professionals like doctors, nurses, physicians, surgeons, etc.


Accommodation and Food Services: This sector is usually in need of labour, accommodation, and food services. In September, there was a total of about 152,400 vacant positions.

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Retail trade follows next: Retail trade had a slight increase in job vacancies, with 117,300 vacant positions in September. This indicates that this sector has a continued need for workers.


Canada’s manufacturing sector: This sector has 76,000 job vacancies in September; from about 92,100 in just one month prior.

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Scientific and Technical Services: This sector includes accounting, legal services, architectural and engineering, computer systems design, management consulting, advertising, and others which had about 61,900 job vacancies.


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