Herbal Treatment Of Newcastle Disease


Simple Herbal Treatments For Newcastle Disease


Treatment of Newcastle disease by Herbal plant is the ancient ideology to combat the virus. Newcastle disease is a viral disease that is the most important and dangerous disease in poultry. there is no specific treatment for Newcastle disease. herbal treatment depends on some factors which are must be considered.



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PLANTS Herbal Treatment


There are available herbal plants which can access to treat various viral disease, Newcastle Disease is one of them. the plant is using as medicines which mostly extract various parts of it. Among other plants, Aloe vera and GARLIC is the most well-known herbal plant that is used as a medicinal herb to treat Newcastle Disease in poultry.


It is the plant whose scientific name is Aloe barbadensis. It is native species of Africa but spreading up throughout the world shortly due to its medicinal properties. It is an ancient herb that is used as a herbal medicine in poultry. from early decades to the present time, Aloe vera is the trusted medication for the Newcastle Disease.


Usable Part

The leaf is the most usable part of this plant. the leaf can be used also in a divided form which is gel and juice. for treating Newcastle disease, juice leaf used as an herbal medicine for this disease. making of aloe vera juice in the right way which is the enchanting activity of juice chemical to treat Newcastle disease.



Chemical Composition of aloe vera Juice

Aloe juice, also known as Aloe latex, is a bitter yellow exudate of the pericyclic tubules in the outer skin of the leaf of Aloe. The potential active component of Aloe juice is hydroxyanthracenic derivatives, which represent between 15 and 40% of the total components, and among them are anthraquinone glycosides aloin A and B (also called barbaloin) along with Aloe-emodin.


Mode Of Action

The exact mode of action of the aloe vera juice to treat Newcastle disease is unknown. The juice containing anthraquinone glycosides that act as antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and strong laxative properties. Antiviral effects are demonstrated against Newcastle disease in Poultry.

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Juice Preparation

Homemade aloe vera juice is made by crushing or grinding entire leaves. The steps are as follows-


Cut and slice the aloe leaf to extract the juice.

Put the juice into a blender and process until smooth.

Filter the final fluid juice in a jar

Mixing the sweetens which maybe sugar or molasses that is prevents the bitter taste of juice.



Before providing juice, withdraw water supply at least 30 minutes due to faster intake. Minimum 1-liter juice may need for 24 hours for 1000 adult birds. the juice can be continued until mortality reaches below 5% in Newcastle disease.

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GARLIC is another herbal plant whose scientific name is Allium sativum. It is using in Newcastle disease treatment worldwide. there are two ways garlic using in treating Newcastle disease or Ranikhet disease-


Application of garlic in poultry Feed

Using as a spray form of the garlic

Application of garlic in poultry Feed

It has been used by many farmers across the world @1 kg to 2 kg per qt of feed for prevention and treatment purpose.


There is scientific evidence that its inclusion @20 gms per ton of feed increase titers against nd disease. practical observation infield.


Using as a spray form of the garlic

Infield conditions, it has been used in spray form for viral infection specially in Newcastle disease. Garlic extract is using as a spray form. Some times farmers is using ground from at emergency condition.

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Others Common medicinal Herbal plants For Newcastle Disease

LICORICE (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.)

KOLA (Cola acuminata (P. Beauv.) Schott & Endl.)

Andrographis paniculata

Kalomegh ( Indian Herbs)

Garlic powder




Herbal vitamin c




Recent Herbal Trial Against Newcastle disease

Garlic powder 2 kg per ton

Oregano 1.5 kg per ton

Thyme 1 kg or ton

Carvacol 1 kg per ton

The aforesaid items were tried to see both cellular immunity and humoral immunity means immunity with increased no of macrophages or immunity with antigenic incorporation against Newcastle disease and others viruses.

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how do you treat Newcastle disease naturally?

The best natural treatment for Newcastle disease is using aloe vera extract. It is the cheapest therapeutics that is readily available around the world. It is easily prepared which collected through a natural source. the chemical anthraquinone glycosides are the most susceptible and killed the Newcastle disease frequently. The mode of action of alovera is the strongest compared to other plants.


Newcastle disease Treatment In pigeons

For treating Newcastle disease (ND) or Ranikhet disease in pigeons, give R2B vaccine which contains Mesogenic strain of Newcastle disease at 0.3 ml in breast muscle.


If the R2B vaccine not available, give Lasota vaccine 1 drop once daily for 2 days orally.


Homeopathic medicine- conium musculatum- 30x, 1 tab thrice daily for one day. from next day give argentum nitrate 1 tab daily for 6 days.



1. Mint spice = antibiotics

2. Chili = antibiotics

3. Pumpkin seeds= dewormer

4. Pawpaw seed=anti-coccidiosis and dewormer

5. Wood ash= getting rid of mites

6. Moringa = growth promoter(contains Methionine



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