How to Manage the Health of Animals to the Best from them


How to Manage the Health of Animals to the Best from them


Good animal husbandry starts with proper health care and management. Livestock production is greatly affected by diseases. Knowing these diseases is important in planning and organizing effective animal healthcare programs. So, every livestock farmer should note the following precautions to maintain the good health of their animals.



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How to Keep Animals Healthy


Prevent contact with infected livestock

Avoid overcrowding in the house

Keep the young animals separate from the adults

Isolate sick animals

Avoid equipment for sick animals being brought into the house

Prevent unhygienic people from entering the pens

Get accurate and early disease diagnosis by a qualified veterinarian

Avoid unnecessary medication

Eliminate ticks, lice, and mites and control predatory animals.

Consider droppings as a potential source of diseases

Keep the pen clean and dry

Keep the feed and water uncontaminated

Feed must meet all the nutritional requirements of the animals

Ensure periodic vaccination

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Maintain a record of the incidence of diseases and treatment administered

Since it has been known that diseases are one of the major factors that negatively influence the performance of farm animals, the following measures must be put in place to control diseases in farm animals:


How to Prevent and Control Diseases in Farm Animals

Quarantine (separate) new stock of animals coming into the farm for some days before adding them to the old stock

Cull (remove) chronically infected animals

Isolate animals that are sick from the main flock

Dispose of pen litter material properly


Maintain personnel hygiene and sanitation

Use of footbath

Practice approved methods of sanitation

Change animal pastures periodically

Vaccination of healthy animals (don’t ever vaccinate sick animals)

Disinfect the shed where sick animals were kept

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Use anti-serum in affected animals

Slaughter, burn or bury 6 ft deep with lime underground animals affected by a severe disease

Treat timely animal stock and regularly check them for signs of diseases

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Give an immediate report of a disease outbreak to the necessary Diseases Control authorities

Farmers have to take the health of their animals very importantly. These animals need to have good health for them to be productive and profitable on the farm.


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