What should be in your farm record if you are in poultry broiler production 


What should be in your farm record if you are in poultry broiler production 


1. **Flock Information:**


– Identification of the broiler flock.

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– Date of placement in the house.



2. **Strain and Breed Information:**

– Details about the breed and strain of broilers.


3. **Health Records:**

– Vaccination dates and types.

– Medications administered.

– Disease monitoring and treatments.


4. **Feed Records:**

– Type and amount of feed provided.

– Feeding schedule.

– Changes in diet and reasons.


5. **Growth and Performance Records:**

– Regularly record weights of broilers.

– Track growth rates.

– Feed conversion ratios.

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6. **Environmental Conditions:**

– Temperature and humidity records.

– Ventilation details.

– Lighting schedules.


7. **Mortality Records:**

– Document reasons for broiler mortality.

– Analyze trends to improve flock health.


8. **Culling Information:**

– Reasons for culling individual broilers.

– Date and method of culling.


9. **Water Consumption:**

– Track daily water consumption.

– Monitor water quality.

10. **Litter and Manure Management:**

– Details about litter composition and changes.

– Manure removal schedule.


11. **Economic Records:**

– Keep track of costs related to feed, medications, and other inputs.

– Record broiler sales and income.


12. **Processing Information:**

– Date of processing.

– Processing methods and equipment used.

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13. **Feed Conversion Efficiency:**

– Calculate and record the feed conversion efficiency.


14. **Record Keeping System:**

– Use a structured system, whether digital or physical, for easy retrieval and analysis.

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15. **Biosecurity Measures:**

– Outline biosecurity protocols followed.

– Record any biosecurity incidents.


Regularly updating and analyzing these records will help optimize broiler production, identify issues promptly, and make informed decisions for better flock management.



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