What should be in your farm record if you are in sheep and goats production 


What should be in your farm record if you are in sheep and goats production 


1. **Flock/Herd Information:**


– Identification of each sheep or goat.

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– Birthdate or age.



2. **Breeding Records:**

– Ram/buck used for mating.

– Breeding dates.

– Expected lambing/kidding dates.


3. **Lambing/Kidding Records:**

– Date and time of birth.

– Number of lambs/kids born.

– Any complications during lambing/kidding.


4. **Health Records:**

– Vaccination dates and types.

– Medications administered.

– Disease monitoring and treatments.


5. **Feeding Records:**

– Type and amount of feed provided.

– Feeding schedule.

– Changes in diet and reasons.

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6. **Weight Records:**

– Regularly record weights of lambs/kids and adults.

– Track growth rates.


7. **Mortality Records:**

– Document reasons for lamb/kid or adult mortality.

– Analyze trends to improve flock/herd health.


8. **Culling Information:**

– Reasons for culling individual sheep or goats.

– Date and method of culling.


9. **Deworming Records:**

– Dates and types of deworming treatments.

10. **Hoof Trimming and Shearing:**

– Dates of hoof trimming and shearing.


11. **Breeding Performance:**

– Number of lambs/kids per ewe/doe.

– Weaning rates.


12. **Record of Rams/Bucks:**

– Breeding history.

– Performance and fertility records.

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13. **Grazing and Pasture Management:**

– Details about grazing areas and rotations.

– Pasture quality assessments.


14. **Economic Records:**

– Keep track of costs related to feed, medications, and other inputs.

– Record sales and income.

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15. **Record Keeping System:**

– Use a structured system, whether digital or physical, for easy retrieval and analysis.


Regularly updating and analyzing these records will help optimize sheep and goat production, identify issues promptly, and make informed decisions for better flock/herd management.



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