How To Get The Best from Your Pigs During the Grower Stage



How To Get The Best from Your Pigs During the Grower Stage


The grower stage, spanning from 10-20 weeks of age, is a critical period in a pig’s life cycle. During this phase, pigs transition from weaners to finishing pigs, and their growth rate and efficiency have a significant impact on overall profitability. In this article, we’ll explore the key factors influencing pig performance during the grower stage and provide practical tips to help you get the best results from your pigs.


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– Provide a balanced diet with appropriate protein, energy, and micronutrients


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– Consider phase feeding to match nutritional needs with growth stages



– Implement a robust vaccination program to prevent diseases

– Monitor and manage health issues promptly


– Ensure adequate space and comfort in pens

– Maintain optimal temperature and ventilation

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– Implement efficient feeding and watering systems

– Monitor growth and adjust feeding strategies accordingly

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– Select breeds or genetics suitable for your production system

– Consider genetic improvement programs


When you focus on these critical areas and implementing best practices, you can optimize pig performance during the grower stage, leading to improved growth rates, feed efficiency, and ultimately, increased profitability. Remember, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence are key to achieving success in pig production.


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