Check out this investment opportunity for interested farmers now


Check out this investment opportunity for interested farmers now

Dear interested investors

please find below the details of the section of the farm we want to sell:


1) 2 Brand new Layer poultry pens . Commissioned in April 2021. With capacity for 9,600 birds each.

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2) 150 units of brand new Yanbei cages installed in the two pens (75each). The cages can hold 120 birds each , total 18,000 birds. The cages arrived Nigerian in March this year


3) About 18,200 Layer Birds (from amo) currently approaching 18 weeks old

4) 1 Functional Borehole

5) 1 Floor rearing pen with capacity for 6,000 Pullets , commissioned last year

6) 7,000 capacity rearing pen under construction ( about 65% completion)

7) A 2 rooms farm house for attendants.

8) Various Rearing accessories

9) About 300 Irvinger (Ogbono trees) and different stages of development

10) All facility sitting in 5 Acres of farm land. There is enough space for further development/construction if desired .

Reason for sale: Diversification. This section of the farm represent about 30% of the farm. The other 60% is still in operation.

Please find below the video and some pictures.

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