Benefits of fish farming business (Part 1)


Fish farming, also known as aquaculture is one of the most common areas of farming in Nigeria and also one of the most beneficial. We are far past the days of catching fish in ponds or streams and selling at the local market as fish farming in Nigeria has advanced over time and farmers now grow the fishes in their farms or houses. This way they are able to control output and revenue.

New and existing farmers hoping to start or expand their capacity are encouraged to start fish farming, as it has proven to be very beneficial in terms of sales and overall profit.
This brief piece highlights ten amazing benefits of fish farming that will definitely raise your interest in the venture.


Stable supply and Demand
As one of the highest sources of protein, fish is widely consumed by Nigerians on a somewhat large scale. This means that demand for this product is mainly stable all year round and since fishes grow rapidly, there will always be enough to supply. Investing in fish farming will definitely incur a large and stable stream of profit over time

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Top consumer choice
Fish is relatively cheaper than most meat products and hence, it sells faster. It is therefore an attractive venture as it remains the top choice for consumers in terms of affordability.


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Steady Growth pattern
The growth pattern in fish is very fast and easy to understand. Farmers can also quicken the growth process of the fishes by giving them certain growth-enhancing feeds. This characteristic of fish ensures that farmers can harvest and sell in a very short period of time.

High Revenue
With proper planning and good management, fish farming can be very profitable to farmers. With N2 million as capital or investment, one could gain up to N3 million worth of profit in just six months.

No Environmental Hazard
Fish farming ventures can be set up anywhere, including residential areas, as it does not create any environmental or health hazards.

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