Check out the brilliant testimony of this young Poultry Veterinarian

Check out the brilliant testimony of this young Poultry Veterinarian

When I was in vet school,  poultry medicine was my least favorite aspect of veterinary medicine,  it wasn’t like small animal medicine where I could really interact with my patient. Poultry medicine required a flock approach not an individual approach which made me dislike it in a way.

But now I have worked for 2 years( including NYSC service year)in a poultry farm that has large automated open house system, monitoring the health of almost 400,000 layers and I have learned so much.  My short work experience has been interesting and challenging.


I’m glad I had senior colleagues and experienced superiors there as well, it would have been more challenging. My work pushed me out of my comfort zone when I wasn’t ready and stretched me beyond my previous capacity.  It was on this field I finally understood what my professors used to tell us in vet school that diseases don’t read textbooks on the field.

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Indeed I found it to be true on many occasions,  I had to learn to think outside the box, I had to be flexible and always proactive. The more I  knew the more humble I became. I have learned that it’s not all strength and brawn but wisdom and tact, I have learned that the poultry industry in Nigeria  is more complex than it appears.


I have learned to deal with and manage people of diverse backgrounds and personalities. My workplace gave me the opportunity to meet people of different tribes in Nigeria asides, Yoruba, Ibo and Hausa. I have also learned more about the business of poultry and the organization of farming.

For any young Veterinarian that finds himself or herself in the poultry industry, I want you to know that what you need is courage, stamina and constant upgrade of your knowledge in the field.

The poultry industry is dynamic, there are new developments every day, what you were taught in school isn’t likely what you’ll find on the field. There’s no rigid way of doing things in poultry. Also to be very impactful, you need to know more than just medicine. Have colleagues you can rely on to help you when you’re stuck.

Try to interact with them as often as you can,  go for seminars,  trainings including the  ones on zoom and attend the annual poultry shows anywhere you are.  Most importantly learn stress management, this was something I didn’t learn on time.  You can’t do it all and sometimes results don’t come quickly, learn to be calm always .

The poultry industry is a rewarding one if you know your onions well

The veterinarian: Tolulope Ajayi
Source: LinkedIn




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Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile

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