Whether we want to admit it or not, better days are here for farmers in Nigeria, and the future is getting brighter and brighter for the farming industry. I have five reasons for making this conclusion.

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  1. Vibrant leaders are emerging within the different farmers association. As we all know, crisis in any nation, industry or home, is due to leadership crisis. I have observed that the various farming groups are now having good leaders with brilliant ideas. This trend will continue.
  2. Farmers are becoming more focused. A lot of farmers have bitten their fingers in playing along with the destructive game of scattered efforts. Now more and more farmers know what they really want and they are going for it with determination
  3. More and more law enforcement agents are getting involved with farming. Retired and active custom officers, police and army are now into farming big time. This great implication of this trend is that, the ban on farming products importation will be effectively enforced.

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  4. Great initiatives that will enhance the farming industry are coming up. It is a great thing that we are now having good events like Nigeria Poultry Show, Nigeria Poultry Summit and various Fish and Crop farming events coming up every year. These will in no small way promote Agriculture to higher levels.
  5. Nigeria teeming population is ever a promising market for farming products. With relentless marketing activities to gear up the demand for all farming products, there is more than enough targets that will consume whatever the Nigerian farmers will produce both now and in the nearest future.

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For enquiries and details, call World Farmers Centre Admin on 08035219966 or WhatsApp us @+2348173030321.

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