Top Poultry Diseases You Should Keep Off Your Farm At All Costs Part 2


Top Poultry Diseases You Should Keep Off Your Farm At All Costs Part 2

Fowl Pox Disease

If a chicken has this disease, lumps grow on its head and inside its mouth. It is a very common disease and can easily come from other people’s chickens. To get rid of Fowl Pox, paint the lumps or scales with Tincture of Iodine or First Aid Ointment every day until they go away. No treatment is effective for lumps inside the throat. To prevent Fowl Pox, inject all your chickens with Fowl Pox vaccine when they are 8 weeks old. The vaccine package usually includes a needle or applicator for administering the vaccine.


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Chronic Respiratory Disease:
This disease is common when chickens are overcrowded or stressed from some other reason (chilled, moving, vaccine reaction, etc.). When chickens have this disease:

✓ They show respiratory symptoms.
✓ They have wet noses.
✓ They have swollen or puffy eyes.
✓ They sneeze and cough.
✓ They become weak, listless, off-feed and have ruffled feathers.

If your chickens get Chronic Respiratory Disease, improve the ventilation, reduce ammonia fumes, and provide fresh air. It may be necessary to increase the brooder or house temperature. Medicated water containing Terramycin or Sulmet is helpful.

Parasitic diseases
External parasites
Chicken is always infected from the external parasites when the environment of chicken rearing is not clean.
Clinical symptoms: Chicken shows the sign of having difficulties in sleeping, having decreased food intake, restlessness, injured from scratching or pecking due to inches, having decreased egg production, losing weight and anemia. The external parasites are lice, mites, fleas, etc.

Treatment and prevention:
▪ Use harsh tobacco or mosquito repellent spray in area suspected of external parasite presence.
▪ Use Iodine and Antibiotics for the treatment of wounded areas on chickens.
▪ Keep chicken site clean regularly.
▪ Use tobacco or lemon grass in the nests of brooders.
▪ Eliminating insects – chickens’ sleeping ground should be kept clean every day and make a dust bath for chicken with ash 20% and sand 5%.

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