5 Steps To Take In Your Farm NOW



5 Steps To Take In Your Farm NOW


As it is now, different states of the country in Nigeria are responding to the #EndSARS protests with different panic actions like curfews, intimidations, closure of schools and the likes.

You cannot afford to let your farming business suffer unduly at this critical time.

Below are my prescriptions for every farmer in Nigeria now:

  1. Stay on top of issues no matter what! This frame of mind is very important. You cannot afford to panic at all. Remember you are dealing with life as farmers.


  1. Align with your work force or team to keep things going no matter what! This is when you will appreciate a cohesive working team. Hold the manager accountable to synergize the entire team. Trust him. He can do it. People tend to respond or rise to the level you expect from them.


  1. Find ways to market your farm products no matter what! Remember that you are most of the time dealing with perishable products. Act fast. Act decisively. Do anything positive to sell your farm products. Go guerilla if you must.


  1. Stay open to bless people with your farm products. This is spiritual marketing and it pays! People must eat and if there is any way you can help people in this area with your farm products, please do it gladly. You will surely reap the rewards ultimately.


  1. Know that you don’t have to be a victim of this moment. Yes, you really don’t have to allow this critical situation to affect you negatively. You can rise to the occasion. You can choose to move through this moment and come out stronger as usual. You can do it!

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